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Personal Shuffle
4 min readMar 2, 2021


By Alyssa Rotunno

You’re dancing with five of your friends in someone’s kitchen, about to pour your sixth vodka sprite when you hear a new song that hits just right. Maybe it’s the liquor, maybe it’s the beat — but you’re suddenly compelled to beeline to the designated DJ and ask, “dude, what song is this!?”

This week’s Personal Shuffle playlist is dedicated to the EDM, dance and electronic songs that are just downright fun. These are the songs that once they play that first night of a vacation, they’re added to everyone’s Spotify library and become the unofficial theme song for the weekend.

In a previous lifetime, these would also be the perfect pregame anthems or the tunes you’d lose your mind to at House of Yes. Luckily, these can still be the theme songs of your girl’s getaway where all you do is eat, drink and dance.

Put these in your rotation and have them play randomly between “Gas Pedal” by Sage The Gemini and “Yeah!” by Usher — they may not necessarily fit in, but you won’t regret it.

1. “Yogalates” — HNNY

Okay, I’ll admit I may have based this week’s prompt on real-life experiences. A few friends and I rented out an Airbnb in the Poconos this past weekend and while our friends’ Discover Weekly acted as our DJ, this absolute gem came on.

Needless to say, we played this song multiple times a day to get the group hype to eat more cheese and drink more wine. This simple but cheerful house tune is the perfect combination of dance and mellow, with just a sprinkle of quirky as a yoga instructor voice comes in and out throughout to give basic breathing commands. You could easily play this at the pregame or while studying for a final exam, whichever floats your boat.

2. “Comme des Garçons (Like The Boys)” — Brabo Remix ft. Pabllo Vittar” — Rina Sawayama

I’m transported back to the club with this. What I wouldn’t give to listen to this song blaring in a crowded bar, with barely enough room to breathe and an overpriced gin and tonic in my hands. For now, it’s my go-to grocery shopping song, and boy do I feel like the hottest person at my local Stop & Shop while this blares through my AirPods.

The perfect ego booster for the ladies, Sawayama channels early 2000’s nightlife electric-pop with catchy hooks and a bridge breakdown that is reminiscent of old-school Mariah Carey. The sharp beat mixed with the bold, confident lyrics makes this a must-add to your pregame playlists.

3. “Marea (We’ve Lost Dancing)” — Fred Again…

This mellow house tune has the flow of a musical masterpiece. What I can only assume is a pan flute creating the bouncy and electric beat, the sound is straight out of a 1990’s techno nightclub.

The track is far more than just a catchy beat though. Through their lyrics, the artist touches on something all of us 20-somethings are going through right now due to the pandemic. As the title perfectly encapsulates, we’ve lost our spaces, our emotional releases… we’ve lost dancing. The melodic beat is raw and you can almost feel the ache to go back to normality within the song. However, it ends on a positive note that really gives me hope for the future with the lyrics, “If I can live through this / what comes next / will be / marvelous.”

4. “Later Bitches” — The Prince Karma

Oh my god, this is like… the best song ever. No, really. It is. Though a bit older, it’s still one of my go-to dance songs. Truth be told a Soundcloud rapper I was talking to in college (ah, college) recommended it to me and he described it perfectly in two words I’ll never forget: it geeks. I’ve never heard a song “geek” before and I don’t think any song will ever “geek” harder.

This dance tune is playful and funny, mocking drunk girls at the club. Though I’d normally roll my eyes at something like that, I simply must put my feminism on pause to sing the lyrics, “What the hell do you mean I’ve got to wait in line? / This is complete and total bullshit / If, if I show you my tits, will you let me in? / Can you just, just take another drink with me? / Thanks, later bitches.”

Give the tune a listen and you’ll understand.

5. “Everybody Wants To Party” — Dubdogz, JØRD

Dubdogz and JØRD bring the 1970’s disco of your dreams to your 2021 living room with this groovy electric track. Sampling “Funkytown” by Lipps Inc., the duo reconstructs the iconic dance track by adding in layers of modern EDM beat breakdowns and simple yet catchy “everybody wants to party” lyrics throughout. Perfect for drinking with friends or just vacuuming your bedroom, it’s impossible to not move your body while listening to this track.

Let me know your thoughts, and if you checked out the tunes!



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